Choose your oil depending on use and riding style:

300V Factory Line lubricants are especially formulated for the severity of racing applications.  Based around the Ester Core technology, 300V Factory Line lubricants provide the best engine response and protection at very high temperatures and RPM, throttle feedback, clutch feel and ultimate gearbox protection.  Four viscosity grades are available for track/road applications with 100 % shear stability and constant oil pressure and two viscosity grades are available for off-road with optimal traction.  Developed  in close partnership with Worldwide Factory Teams, the 300V Factory Line range of lubricants are also available to the general public who demand only the best!

7100 is Motul’s dedicated 100 % synthetic range of lubricants for modern high performance 4-stroke motorcycle engines. Ester technology and optimized additives ensure clutch compatibility, gearbox durability and power response from the engine. With a variety of viscosity grades to choose from, you can be sure to find the right lube for your bike and your riding style.
5100 is Motul’s Technosynthese® range of lubricants formulated with esters. For the price conscious, you can still be sure that this range of lubricants is certainly not lacking in performance and protection.  They are especially formulated for the highest possible reliability for more general everyday use.

For sure, the requirements of a lubricant for normal everyday use of your motorcycle are entirely different from those of the demands of racing.

Motul 7100 and 5100 have been formulated so that you can meet the OEM's recommended viscosity and oil drain intervals without any issues under normal daily use conditions.